Endurance Women is a community for women who like to push boundaries – not elite athletes, but ordinary women who like to challenge themselves, and share a ‘no limits’ attitude. We don’t want to just live long, we want to live well. This is the home for women who like to challenge the norm, who like to create a life that works for them, and their family and who are willing to say yes to life.

Fiona Bugler, founder



I’m a triathlete, a runner, a writer, a fitness expert, a coach and an all-round endurance athlete. I own a Content & Communications Consultancy called the Running Ed Ltd and specialise working with health, fitness and endurance brands. I’m a former personal trainer and running coach. I’ve recently created a publication called Endurance Women on the blog hosting site, Medium, where I’m sharing some of the content I’ve produced over the years, all on the subject of running.

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