The start of the Ironman Journey

If you find me tonight, this really is the start. I’m staring a blog all about my year’s journey to ironman. I’m going to be hitting 50 December and like lots of others with milestone birthdays, I’ve decided to mark it with a big event, the Barcelona Ironman, taking place on October 8th 2018.

I’ve created an online community, Endurance Women, for women who like to push boundaries, who like to look over the horizon, who have a no limits mentality.

So why an Ironman? Well lots of reasons, I (think) can, I want to die without regrets, I want to feel fit, strong and healthy, I want to live long and live well. I want to inspire my kids and I hope some other women, too.

I’m very aware I’m not the only blogger, vlogger, social media person. I don’t know where it will go but I do know that the time to do something is now. As I approach 50, I don’t want to be disappointed, too busy, too tired, resigned.

I intend to keep a regular blog, ideally daily. This week is week one and it’s been about getting started. Of course, like many best-laid plans, it’s started with a cold and a lot less training than I’d planned. But I did go pool swimming for the first time since June and signed up to Brighton Triathlon club, as well as finally sorting out my membership with Brighton Arena 80. Tomorrow, I’m going to take on my first Saturday Cross Country for quite a few years – fuelled by Lemsip!

One thought on “The start of the Ironman Journey

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