Week four of 52



Monday: AM: easy run (5.5) PM: OFF

As planned

Tuesday: LUNCH: easy run (5); PM: CLUB SWIM 1

Just Club Swim

Wednesday: AM: Long run (15) (25) (maybe hot yoga pm)

Just Easy Long run 12.5 miles

Thursday: AM: run to and from gym (1) (5) (30); PM: CLUB SWIM 2

Just 5-mile run and gym/circuit class

Friday: 6 x 1K run (7) (maybe hot yoga pm)

2K swim to get to two swims in for the week – but no run or yoga

Saturday: Easy jog, early am (3)

Off – got the 9am train to London and wasn’t back until 7pm – a day off 

Sunday: AM: LONG BIKE RIDE; pm: gym (2)

45 mile bike ride but not gym – or run!

Best-laid plans…. I’ve decided to not write a daily log of training, but I will write the plan on Sunday night and then update the same post a week later with the actual (and I know me, it will be different!).

So this week, I felt very tired! I may have under-estimated the affect of doing a 15 mile run on Saturday, followed by a 42-mile bike ride on Sunday at this stage in training. On Monday I got up and did some work, then headed out the door and just ran easy up to the top of a hill and back down again to retrace my steps from the day before and work out a way to the Downs. On Tuesday I didn’t run, and just went to the club swim set and I felt great!. On Wednesday I got up early and started work, then ran at lunch time, managing 12.5, not quite the 15 planned, but good considering I still felt a bit weary. I found Thursday’s easy run and circuit class/gym set to be quite tiring, so wasn’t too devastated to miss the swim set in favour of an event. And on Friday I just swam – but finished off with a lovely steam and sauna. I thought I might do more at the weekend but settled for just one bike ride.

I find it odd only running 23 miles and only running three times, but this is all part of my move to triathlon! At this building stage, I’ve got to conserve energy and ensure that the three sports are taken care of.

Strava Stats:

Screenshot 2017-11-05 19.35.21

Gym: 40 minutes




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