Week five of 52


After last week’s tired week, I’ve decided to be a bit less ambitious this week.

Here’s what I’ve done for the last four weeks.

Screenshot 2017-11-05 19.37.34

The plan for this week is to hit 10 hours (I’m reaching for the sky and hoping to hit the treetops) and not stress about doing less running!:-

Monday: AM: off; PM: 1 hour Club Track session. Why? Feeling the need for quality running. Want to do Turbo session too, but it’s not possible tommorow.

Tuesday: AM: 1 hour easy run; PM: 1 hour Club swim. Why? Need to feed the runner, and club swimming is good!

Wednesday: AM: 2 hours – Medium long bike. Why? The bike is a weakness. I want to do an ironman, that’s 112 miles, on a bike!

Thursday: 1 hour Circuit/gym;  PM: 1 hour Swim

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Bexhill Cross Country – 1 hour

Sunday: LONG BIKE RIDE – 3 hours


Screenshot 2017-11-12 15.48.10

I was six minutes off 10 hours, I’m happy with that.



Monday’s session at Arena 80, was tough, but rewarding. I felt like I was making progress.

 6 * (400 tempo/200 fast, 30 rest, 400 fast, 60 rest)

And my stats were:

The tempo reps 400 average for five was 1.42.4
200 fast average for five was 47.4 (4 at 48 and one at 45!)
Total average for 600 was 2.27.8 (2.28)

400 fast average for six was 1.32.

On Tuesday I did an eight mile easy run on the seafront and super slow 10.24 pace.

On Wednesday I did tempo intervals, 6 x 800 at 3.36 (7.12 pace).

On Saturday I ran another very slow cross country!


On Friday, I pootled out for a lovely flat seafront spin of 15 miles and on Sunday I was very happy to be part of a 47-mile group ride.


I made both club sessions this week where the focus was all on alignment. Forgetting my fins on Tuesday when most of the session was using fins in drills, was not great!

Overall a great week’s training. And onto week six’s plan.



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