Week six of 52

The first thing to say is… how can time go so quick! Six weeks was my standard block of time for training when I was a personal trainer, it was the time when I expected to see results and gains from the work we’d been doing. For me there’s been small steps forward on all three disciplines and a bit of a backward step on the run yesterday… but onwards and upwards. Here’s this week’s plan (come back next week to this post to see if I achieved it!).

Monday: AM: off; PM: 1 hour Club Track session. Why? tough but rewarding.

Tuesday: AM: Long run with Bri Tri club; pm: Swim (but with son home from uni there’s a question mark). Why? Want to get up on those downs and get some running miles in. Cross Country shows me I’m not strong at the moment.

Wednesday: AM: gym/swim or off; PM: Option: Run (either Arena at 7pm or Bri Tri at 840pm!) Why? Run is an option as early starts and late hard sessions are not easy, and work has to be done between them.

Thursday: AM: Easy run/gym; PM Swim Why? I must get to the gym as I’m paying for it and it’s club swim night.

Friday: PM: Bike Why? Arranged to bike with a fellow triathlete.

Saturday: Long ride to park run, and back again: Why? Can’t do the group ride and need to keep it going. Want to get back to park run.

Sunday: OFF!



Screenshot 2017-11-20 11.42.52

I didn’t say how many hours I planned last week, so am happy to have been fairly consistent with 9’25, taking the average to 9’15 for the last four weeks. I think I need to up my game for the next four weeks and make sure I do a minimum of 10 hours per week. I also am going to aim for two swims, two bikes and four runs. Four weeks takes me up to my big birthday bash!


On Tuesday I met with two local runners who introduced me to the Jog Shop 20 route including the Snake hill, I was pleased to get 17.6 miles done early in the week. I like running long and I’ve got the Brighton Marathon in mind.

On Wednesday I did tempo intervals with the Bri Tri Club. They were supposed to be at 10K pace, but some of them were quicker than 5K! In between each interval we did exercises including the plank, squats, side lunges, squat thrusts, calf raises etc… The purpose of the session wasn’t to go flat out but to build strength. We did 13 x 400m reps!

On Saturday I did Worthing park run as part of a brick session, bike-run-bike, and I was happy to run at 7 min mile pace with my laces undone!

On Sunday, after a big do in London, I managed an easy jog through Ealing’s parks on yet another beautiful Autumn day. I was a little hungover and plodding and then inspired by a much faster woman who ran past me to pick up the pace a teeny bit.


On Friday, I met with Rachel and we cycled on a brilliant 20-plus-mile hilly, route on a beautiful Autumn day. At one point as I tried to catch up with Rachel on the hill I felt like we were two little girls out playing on our bikes! Great finish to the week.

On Saturday I cut it a bit fine but cycled to and from Worthing park run. I was locking my bike to the railings at 8.54am (park run starts at 9am). It was definitely a run off the bike.


I only made Tuesday’s swim set this week, and really enjoyed it. A popular and busy set meant I moved up to the lane three! My legs were feeling the long run earlier in the day, so I was very pleased we were using the pull bouy.

I didn’t quite stick to my plan, but was pleased to get 9’25 training in and loved all my sessions. A bit cross with myself for missing Thursday’s swim set but I did enjoy my night in with my daughter.  Onto week seven…



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