Week seven of 52

Things are getting busy and I’m now looking ahead to Xmas and the commitments that come with parties and work drinks – and it’s the next six-week block, taking me up to the end of the year. I plan to commit to an average of 10 hours a week for the next six weeks, with some weeks being eight and others 12 hours, depending on what’s going on in life!

The goal:

4 runs – 4.5 hours

2 bikes – 4 hours

2 swims –  1.5 hours swimming

And if I can 1 hour strength and conditioning.

As always my plans are flexible. If someone asks me to join them on a long run or a long bike, I will and I’ll adjust my rough plan.

So for this week the plan is:

Monday: Run with Arena 80 (45 mins)

Tuesday: Bike ride (2 hours)* or spin class and core; swim (45 mins)

Wednesday: 30 mins S&C; Run with Bri Tri club (hills) (45 mins)

Thursday:  swim (45 mins)

Friday: Run (2.5 hours)*

Saturday: park run (30 mins)

Sunday: long bike ride (3 hours)


Come back to this post next week to see what I did.

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