Week 8 of 52

If you read last week’s update, you’ll know I haven’t really got a plan for this week due to what I think I can safely say counts as flu – not just a cold. So, the training plan this week is to recover without making myself more ill. I did wonder if my immune system was taking a bit of a battering as I seemed to be a little more prone to minor things over the last month, so it’s an opportunity to get some good nutrients in, particularly important in 2018 when I’ll be doing a marathon and an ironman. When I feel like eating again it’ll be smoothies, soups and supplements!

Last week I’d said I was going to  commit to an average of 10 hours a week for the next six weeks – but that’s not going to happen. So I’m going with the flow. No plans, no targets, and as I enter the last week of my 40s it’s all about saying goodbye to germs and lurgy and getting ready for a super-fit me at 50!


So the week went by and I made tiny steps every day to getting better, but didn’t feel up to training up until Sunday when I joined the Bri Tri for an abridged ride of 50K – including the dreaded Ditchling Beacon!  Back to normal(ish) for week 9.


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