Week nine of 52

It’s my birthday week! And it’s going to be a busy one. I’m having my house decorated and playing catch up on work. I’ve been prescribed one more week of antibiotics, but feel almost normal. It’s all about baby steps but I need to start think ‘Marathon’  – with just over 19 weeks to go to Brighton Marathon. So here’s my rough plan for the week:

Monday pm: Turbo set with the Tri Club

Tuesday am: Birthday easy run

Weds: Long run/long swim

Thursday: Run DIY Intervals/threshold

Friday: Long run/long swim

Saturday: Velodrome and park run

Sunday: Long bike

Monday 11th December

And here’s the update, and what I did.

I was still feeling as if I was in recovery mode, with an extra week of antibiotics required, but I was definitely well enough to train. And, it was my birthday week, and… I had my whole house painted, so routine was a little bit thrown (not that I’m a big routine person with the demands of ever changing work projects and clients).

On Monday I went to the Bri Tri Watt Bike Session. It was great fun. As always in spinning, sweat is guaranteed. We were in a studio with a screen so we could see where we were in comparison to the rest of the group. I do know that my power on the bike needs a lot of work, so I’m hoping this will help.

On Tuesday, my birthday, I did exactly as planned, an easy seafront run. I was very, very slow. I do train slowly a lot of the time, but I couldn’t have gone quicker if I’d wanted to. On Wednesday I didn’t train, so no swimming or long running. I was very tired after a lovely birthday lunch with Julia (post and video coming soon) and dinner with my daughter, Ciara. On Thursday I was busy in the morning and went for intervals at 10am, keeping them at ‘comfortably hard’ rather than flat out, I stuck with an old marathon training favourite of 6 x 1K.

On Friday I stayed in my happy zone of running and did an easy 11 miler on the seafront. Saturday was busy and as I was meeting a friend for lunch I went for the 6 x 1K session again. I have to confess to feeling very unfit, and unfit for running, so I had made the decision to focus on my first love this week.

Yesterday was all about the bad weather! It snowed, it seemed, across the entire country, except here in Brighton where the wind was ferocious and the rain relentless. I managed just short of 12 miles and finished the week with five runs, 40 miles and one spin session completed, but no swimming.

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