Week 11 of 52

The week started frustratingly as I missed my early morning run and then a closed road at night, left me driving around in circles and missing the FTP Cycle test.  It seems a very long time ago. Like the rest of the world I’m whirling around, working, shopping and partying.

With routine out the window, trips to London, shopping and decorating my house, it was easier to not think too much or worry about what I did, or didn’t do, and rather just try to get out consistently. So this week was an easy week, a just do it, but not just do so much week, a week of getting fresh air and fuelling my spirit not rigidly sticking to my schedule and I was happy to run almost 26 miles spread out over five runs.

Not every week can be like this if I want to achieve my Ironman goals, but partying and Xmas and friends visiting from far and wide has a place and can still be part of the plan.

The plan for week 12, the last before Xmas, will be similar – get out most days, train by feel and keep things ticking over. But this week I want to also include a long run, a park run, a swim and a bike… come back next week to see if I did it!


One thought on “Week 11 of 52

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