Week 20 of 40: Feeling fit, plans to ban the booze, and pre-race stuff

Build up to the Swashbuckler 70.3 Triathlon and some random stuff

I’m writing this on Thursday morning before I get stuck into my year-end accounts. It’s feeling so summery. I love this time of year. I’m feeling fit! I noticed it first last week. Running felt lighter, easier, cycling faster – swimming, well not quite so as I haven’t done enough. I feel like my endurance base is building. I’ve had lots of tired days, but today I’m not tired (yesterday after early morning swimming I did take a 20-minute snooze at my desk). I lay in until 715am and had a late start today. I did procrastinate, but managed to get my run back and be ready to start the day properly by 1015am – so I’ll get my full eight hours in (a thing of mine being self-employed is that I have to get eight hours in, and that doesn’t include blog writing!).

More Alcohol-free beer Vicar?

I’m building up to going booze-free. It’s something I’ve talked about for, erm, years (and yes I have written about it too!). Pre-children I was a very heavy, madly hedonistic  drinker, then in my late 20s/early 30s a non-drinker for some of pregnancy (but not all), after that I became a social drinker. I’ve had non-drinking months, I’ve drunk just at the weekend (but to be honest not very often) and I’ve run 20+ marathons this way. I haven’t been ‘drunk’ drunk for a long, long time, I haven’t been sick, or been so hungover that I’ve been wishing the day away (although this was something in the past I was too familiar with). I’m not unhealthy from drinking (well not that I know of) but I do battle with drink in that I always think about what I’m going to drink and I always feel it needs to be kept under control. I do keep it under control, but, it takes energy! I also know that the fact that I have to think about not drinking at all, and don’t just don’t do it with ease, means it has some control over me. And that won’t do at all!

So, I’m cutting out most booze now and going booze-free from the beginning of June (I’ve got a holiday to fit in) until, well at least until the Ironman. I think it’ll be one less thing to think about – i.e. I won’t need to ask if am I dehydrated from the two glasses of wine I had the night before, or because I didn’t take on enough fluids on the bike? If I’m not boozing, I’ll know. I think it’s just easier to get it out of the picture whilst I focus on IM training. I’m not expecting to feel massively different because at the moment I don’t drink enough for it to be noticed when it’s gone, but I do think it takes away an excuse to not perform so well.

The Random Race Stuff

The reason for writing now is to capture where I’m at before I take on my first proper half ironman on Sunday, the Swashbuckler, in the New Forest. When it gets to writing up on Sunday this will be all-consuming, and my mind will be full of the race, analysis and what’s coming next . This is, strictly speaking, my second middle distance triathlon as I did Braveheart Ben Nevis Triathlon in September 2016 but I’m not sure that can compare to other 70.3’s as the run was a long hike up Ben Nevis, so I feel like a 70.3 virgin.  My coach has said don’t go mad this week, but don’t taper as this race is part of the bigger picture –it really is just training for Ironman Barcelona. He’s away for a few days so I’m not sure what he’ll make of me doing a 8.5 mile run this am (albeit very slow and comfortable at 115 HR)… but I just felt good and the sun was shining.

I don’t have great expectations timewise on Sunday. I’m guessing the swim could be anywhere between 2.00 and 2.15 per 100m, I’m expecting to the bike to be between 13 and 15 mph and the run between 8.00 and 8.45 min mile pace. Transition is not a strong point. On that basis I’ll be aiming for around 6.5 hours plus.

As for the rest of the week, I’ve got a swim tonight and a club turbo/My Ride session tomorrow – then it’s all about a weekend of getting ready for, travelling to, and then being in the water for the painfully early 5.15am start for racing.  I’d of course like to surprise myself with faster times but we’ll just have to see – and importantly I’ve got to pick up the training again on Tuesday. Watch this space…

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