16 weeks to go –– The 15-hour Ironman Training Week

Last week I said “If I manage to do it all, I’ll be clocking between 15 and 20 hours a week (like another job!).” This week I managed to hit the magic 15 hours, a new baseline for IM. And when I looked back I realised I’ve averaged 11 hours a week, for the previous 15 weeks, so despite my three week blip (when I raced a half Ironman, went on holiday, ran in the South Downs Relay and raced a sprint – then got ill), I’m on track with training and feeling good (if a little tired at times).

I started the week tired (again!) but finally rid of sore throats, cold sores, and migraines and back in normal good health.

On Monday I cycled to the office for an extra bit of time on the bike! I ran slowly in the evening as I was feeling a bit tired after Sunday’s long run. On Tuesday I had a shorter working day, and therefore less training time, and managed quick run to and from spin.  The shorter day was because I was fortunate enough to have a ticket to see Ed Sheeran singing and talking with Dermot O’Leary in the intimate setting of the London Irish Centre. The celeb-studded night finished at 1am and I drove home getting to bed at 330am.

I gave myself a self-employed lie-in til 9am and managed to train on the bike in the evening. On Thursday I was back on it! I joined Rachel and Caroline for a 2K swim at Pell’s open air pool on the summer solstice and ran back the 13 miles over the Downs home – then headed up to London in the night for a Driven Woman meeting and a dinner in Soho.

The Glorious Downs

On Friday I swam in the sea and cycled wearily in the evening and on Saturday I did the full three: swim, run, cycle… and Sunday was a swim and a cycle. I didn’t get out for a long ride but I did hit over 100 miles on the bike, and I swam three times and ran four times.

What you see when you’re cycling: World Cup

All in all a good week’s training. And a slightly boring blog post – because the reality is that Ironman training is quite boring when you do it properly. The key thing is to get out and do it all again the following week. And that’s what I’ve done. I’m now on day two of the 15 week countdown and have managed a run and a bike so far. We have a heatwave in the UK and I’m writing this blog outside. It’s very easy to forget just how much easier, running, swimming and cycling is in great weather! But, no iced cold beers for me with all this training going on… make mine an Erdinger!

Erdinger Massive: Alc-Free for me!

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