14 Weeks To Go – Glorious sea swim, 85 miles on the bike and dealing with being tired all the time!

The week started as it finished – me feeling tired. I think part of Ironman training is expecting to feel tired all the time, but… I love it!

I started a new gym membership and on Monday evening had a swim in the pool.  I ran out of time to finish the planned session, so had to settle with just short of 2K. On Tuesday I ran and followed my prescribed plan of doing 15 minutes easy, 15 minutes medium pace, and 15 minutes harder. I found my harder pace was actually my previous slow pace – a little alarming, but I know not to worry about my slowing running form! After the run I quickly got ready and took the train to London for a press event about Sugar, held at the Ivy. I’m enjoying my non-drinking now, and found it easy to resist the lovely wines on offer.

Watt Bike and FTP

On Wednesday, I did a planned 20K session on the Watt Bike at the gym in the (late) morning and a 3.2K swim with sets of alternate 200s with the pull body and then a set of 50s to finish up. The Watt Bike test gave me an idea of my Functional Threshold Pace. I’ve done this test on a My Ride bike and scored 170.  More on this to come!



On the Move

On Thursday I was tired (again) and went from bed to a hygienist appointment within 1- minutes (reminded again how important it is to floss – no matter how time-pressed we are). I then forced myself to do my planned longer run of 11 miles. It was hot so I ran uphill onto a route that took me through the woods and kept me cool. The pace was super slow which I would have chosen to do, but today I couldn’t have gone any faster! I was feeling it. The day was a hectic one, and due to a Southern Rail signal failure and advice not to travel on the trains I decided to drive to London to attend a Driven Woman Lifework Workshop Introduction session (in preparation for my own intro sessions coming to Brighton on 20th September). Driving in and out of central London in the heat required my endurance skills and stamina, I finally hit the pillow at 1am.

Heart Rate Variability

On Friday I was still battling tiredness. I noticed by Heart Rate Variability (more to come on this too) app had advised me to ease off on intensity three days in a row. But an article on HRV explained that it can be affected by hormonal changes and given where I was in my cycle I went with that. By Friday I was back to ‘normal’ levels but after an early start to work and not much sleep, the lunchtime session of Watt Bike followed by three mile bric run was hard, hard, hard… I did contemplate not finishing the planned Watt Bike session, and felt like I was crawling on the run in the midday heat, but, I was pleased to tick another session off, and after a brainstorm for my coaching business session in the afternoon I allowed myself a beer and some nachos on Friday night.

Check out the HRV4 Training app – great for an insight into your ticker, the ultimate training advisor

Palace to Paddle Swim

Friday was another late night so on Saturday morning the temptation to stay in bed and not do the swim was almost overwhelming, but as I was meeting Chris there was no turning back, so once again I was out of bed and into my Cassie and wetsuit, feeling a bit delirious with tiredness.

But I was so glad I didn’t miss the swim. It was a really beautiful morning Brighton and conditions were perfect for Brighton Tri Club’s Palace to the Paddle swim. The current was with us so although I’m still in the slower end of the swim I was happy with my result – and at how far I’ve come with open water swimming. When I started I was fearful, and panicky and my imagination ran riot, on Saturday I was totally in the flow.   The amazing weather continued and Brighton was full-on holiday resort. I had another dip without the wetsuit and totalled 3K sea swimming for the day.

palace to paddle 2.5K swim hosted by Brighton Tri Club

Long bike ride

On Sunday I was up at 7am and out the door by 733am (yes that precise!)  to cycle to Eastbourne to watch Chris in the Eastbourne 10K put on by my running friends Sue Fry and Liz Lumber in support of  Autism Sussex. Another scorching hot day for the runners, but just perfect on the bike. Chris and I had some croissants and coffee after the race then headed off from Eastbourne to Rye for some bike miles in the heat – 85 in total.


Well done Sue and Liz for putting on the Eastbourne 10K sporting autism

Another week of Tri Training is done. I’m trying not to panic about the lack of running – but I can’t deny I still do have irrational moments where I worry that I’ll never be a proper runner again. However, I also have to keep reminding myself that this is not a marathon it’s an Ironman.

Oh and I’ve been topping up my glorious tan!

Top Tan!



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