Fab Four Take on Ironman Nice

Ordinary Women Being Extraordinary

I was truly inspired by these four ordinary women being extraordinary.

Fran, 47 (she said 48), works full-time running a team of personal trainers at a busy Brighton gym; Sally, 45, is part-time personal trainer and mother of four children; Sara, 46, works for a cycling brand and is mum of two girls, one of whom is doing her GCSEs and the other making her debut on a West End stage; and Sheena, 56, a children’s nurse, was a self-declared couch potato and a size 20 just eight years ago, before taking up marathon running. All four were doing Ironman and all four finished with smiles on their faces.

In this video they share how working in a group helped them, how important it is to have the support of your family, the all consuming joy and passion of training for a big event, and how having a coach helped them. They also exude why endurance sport can change you for the better, from the inside out, combatting anxiety, old habits, fears and learning new skills.

Watch and be inspired!


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