Endurance Women Challenges 2019

This year we are introducing regular challenges, race discounts and competitions. The key benefit of joining in the challenges on social media via the Facebook Group, is accountability!

This month’s challenge options:


Get up at 5am and make the most of the day. This challenge is complete. But I will revisit this as the #5amCheckin three days a week, for great accountability.

Rooster weathervane against sunrise with bright colors in clouds, concept for early morning wake up

2019 Challenges coming up…

#SwimRun – this is to mix swimming and running. For me I’m aiming to swim 6K and run 50 miles up to the marathon, starting next week!

Try it for a month

 #Runeveryday and #Booze-free

Go Booze-free for a month

Every day or three times a week:

#5AMCheckin #YogaforEndurance #DailyMeditation

More challenges coming: strength and conditioning, parkrun challenge. Let me know what challenge you would like to share.

All the challenges take part in our FACEBOOK GROUP – join in now.

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