Winning Women at the London Marathon 2019

Extraordinary women - being extraordinary I'm at the London Marathon press event and have had the privilege of interviewing Vivian Cheruiyot, last year's Virgin London Marathon winner, and Mary Keitnay, 2017 winner, quadruple NYC Marathon victor and if she nails it Sunday, quadruple London winner, a record previously held by Ingrid Kristaniansen. I was in … Continue reading Winning Women at the London Marathon 2019

Fab Four Take on Ironman Nice

Ordinary Women Being Extraordinary I was truly inspired by these four ordinary women being extraordinary. Fran, 47 (she said 48), works full-time running a team of personal trainers at a busy Brighton gym; Sally, 45, is part-time personal trainer and mother of four children; Sara, 46, works for a cycling brand and is mum of … Continue reading Fab Four Take on Ironman Nice

Kona Mum on a Mission

Ordinary Women Being Extraordinary Celia Boothman, 42, runs a personal triathlon and nutrition service and is based in Wales. The mum of two boys, Devon, 11 and Milo, eight, qualified for Kona after completing IronMan Wales in 2016. Despite coming off her bike in Kona, the iron woman soldiered on and completed the world champ race in … Continue reading Kona Mum on a Mission

Bump, Bike & Baby: Endurance Woman Author

Ordinary Women Being Extraordinary Mum to Aran four, and Cahal two, Moire O’Sullivan, 42 is author of Bump, Bike & Baby. She lives in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland and is married to Pete Power, 48. Fiona Bugler met her to talk about being an endurance woman, an author and mum of two. Tell us about youR life pre … Continue reading Bump, Bike & Baby: Endurance Woman Author

Spartan Obstacle Racing Empowers Women

Ordinary Women Being Extraordinary Emily LeRoux, is the driving force behind Spartan Women and the newly appointed global ambassador for Spartan Races. She talked to me about Spartan and how it helps empower women. 'In my early 20s I was a rower. I trained with other women and we were empowered as we managed work … Continue reading Spartan Obstacle Racing Empowers Women

An Interview With Marvellous Mimi Anderson

Ordinary Women Being Extraordinary Mimi Anderson, 55, is an ultra runner and a phenomenon – the very definition of endurance woman. She doesn't give up. She finds opportunities when things change. At the start of this week, she tweeted: 'I've had 18 years of running around the world it's been AMAZING but I stay positive … Continue reading An Interview With Marvellous Mimi Anderson

Brathay 10in10: 10 Marathons in 10 Days

Ordinary Women Being Extraordinary For most of us running one marathon is a lifetime’s achievement. But for a growing number of women it’s been to run the same marathon, every day for 10 days. Even more amazing is that amongst the 34 women to have completed the Brathay 10in10, six of them have done so … Continue reading Brathay 10in10: 10 Marathons in 10 Days

Six years to reach sub-three-hour marathon success

I met Kate Carter the week before she went to Seville and reached her goal of running her first sub-three-hour marathon. At the time of the interview I had no idea she had planned to take on the challenge just four days ahead. As Editor of the Guardian Running Blog and with a high-profile on … Continue reading Six years to reach sub-three-hour marathon success

Teach A Girl To Swim

Mum of three children (ages nine, 11, 13), Malini Mehra, 50 is determined to make 2018 a year that counts. She's set herself a goal of swimming 500K, which includes swim training 10K per week (as well as running and cycling) and taking part in swim events in cities around the world (totalling 150K of racing). She's also lined up a marathon, 100-mile bike ride and Ironman Barcelona. She's combining her experience from a 30-year career in sustainable development, climate change and human rights with her love of a challenge to make life better for women and teach girls to swim.

From Zero to World Champion Triathlete

Ordinary Women Being Extraordinary At 40, Jane Hansom, was squeezing into a size 14, living a hedonistic, work-orientated busy life as an ad exec for booze and tobacco companies and doing no exercise. The challenge of taking on the London Marathon turned her life around and was the start of her journey to world champion. … Continue reading From Zero to World Champion Triathlete