Active Every Day in December

I'm writing this 30 days into my #ActiveEveryDay in December Challenge. Here I explain why I chose to be active every day in December, how I did it – and what I gained from doing it. Why I set the goal? Too busy to think – December is hectic – and extra crazy for me this … Continue reading Active Every Day in December

7 Ways To Run a Marathon

Endurance athletes, by their nature, have an insatiable appetite for a challenge. Since the 1980s the marathon has attracted new runners and big city road races are over-subscribed every year. Demand has dictated supply and now there’s a whole range of races covering the bucket-list 26.2 miles This article was first published in Sports Insight … Continue reading 7 Ways To Run a Marathon

7 Tips To An Ironman Taper: 2 weeks to go

Here's 7 tips to taper for an Ironman (and a bit about my taper for Barcelona): Two weeks to go: Reduce the volume. Keep intensity Stick to your training routine Expect to feel flat, tired, unfit and negative! Remind yourself why Feel the fear – and let it go Give yourself time Fail to plan, … Continue reading 7 Tips To An Ironman Taper: 2 weeks to go

Ironman Triathlete Lucy Charles shares her top training tips

Red Bull athlete & double-world champion Lucy Charles shares her bike/run triathlon tips. The bike No one discipline in triathlon is more important than the other. But out of swimming, cycling and running, it’s on the bike where competitors really have to put in the long hours. In an Ironman-distance triathlon, the sport’s most extreme format, competitors swim … Continue reading Ironman Triathlete Lucy Charles shares her top training tips

Core Runs

 Whether you’re an elite athlete, or an absolute beginner, these core runs are the running ingredients you need to create the perfect menu of success. From beginner to elite level you can apply the guidance below to your microcycle of training (a week to 10-day block). The only thing that changes as you progress is … Continue reading Core Runs

Running Intensity: how hard should it feel?

It’s hard to define and Running Intensity because it depends on your individual level of fitness, which will increase as your training progresses. It doesn’t matter how you get to hard, whether it’s power walking or sprinting at five-minute mile pace, the way you feel should be the same. The more endurance fit you are, … Continue reading Running Intensity: how hard should it feel?

Goal-Setting & Planning Your Training

When goal-setting, all good coaches will look at the bigger picture and periodise training for endurance. The start of the year is a great time to plan your training and set goals for the long-term, the medium term, and the short-term. The bigger picture: the Macrocycle This is the period that spans your entire plan. … Continue reading Goal-Setting & Planning Your Training